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3CE Apple Tint~ Lip n Cheek Tint~

TADA~! I've been using this for quite some time now. It was when I was out of my peach color blusher, then I decided to find a new one. I've been using Etude's blusher for all this time, when I got into this brand when I was shopping around Hongik University.
They only sell it in 2 colors the time I bought it, you can choose either you want an orange color or pink color. I prefer orange to pink though. No specific reason, it's just that my skin color fit the orange better than the pink one. ^^
The tint actually can work both for lip tint and cheek tint, but I prefer to use it as the latter one. I'm not really comfortable putting on lip tint on my lip, therefore I never use one unless under a circumstances where I have to. Put this little amount of the tint and spread it over your cheek, and it will give you this result.
@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng

Most Delicious Korean BBQ~!

I know I've talked about this restaurant before in last July, but I can't stop loving this Korean BBQ's place which I think taste good with a reasonable price, which is slightly cheaper than the overall BBQ places you can find in Seoul.
This one is located near Seoul National University Station, and the place is still full of people even though it's near its closing time. >.< How can they have such a good business, making me feel like opening a franchise too back in my own country~ LOLZ!
Once you ordered your menu, the fire will be set up right in front of you which feels warm in this cold winter night. I've always love to eat the spicy bulgogi here, but the one I had this time is the soysauced grilled meat, a new menu which I'd love to try.
While they put the meat serving on the top of the grilled pan, they also served you with several things like seaweed soup, kimchi, the spicy sauce, samjang, garlic and a little bit sprinkle of salt.
Meaning you can ch…

How to take care of your swelling after surgery? Cara ampuh menurunkan bengkak setelah operasi plastik~

After your plastic surgery procedure, the next thing might feel like hell for you, which is where you will have to wait for the swelling to goes down completely.
Completely different from normal swelling and bruises, plastic surgery's swelling and bruises is caused by the damaged soft tissue during surgeries. The damage of the soft tissue during surgeries can get into the corium skin layer, which therefore causes the swelling and bruising of plastic surgery might need some more time to heal and has to be taken care of quite carefully after the surgery. =)
Swelling and bruises after plastic surgery procedures can be divided into 2 which refer to major swelling, the swelling during the first week after the surgery, and minor swelling which can goes up to at least 1 month after the surgery. Some people's minor swelling can even get up to 3~6 months, and even for 6~12 months for bone or facial contouring surgery.
Through this article, I would like to share on how to take care of …

Korean Movie The Priests 2015~

I have a lot of biases and Kang Dong Won is one of my favorite~! He's been acting in an excellent way for his roles in movies like Maundy Thursday, Voice of a Murderer, Secret Reunion, Kundo, etc. And now he's starring as a deacon in this exorcism movie. There's not a lot of Korean exorcism movie as I remember, so I was wondering whether they can do a great job in this one. But since the main casts are veteran like Kim Yun Seok and of course my bias Kang Dong Won, so I decided to give it a try.
Story starts as a high school student got hit by a car and suddenly showing some strange behavior after the accident. Priest Kim (Kim Yoon Seok) is certain that she's being possessed by some evil spirits and ask for Korean Catholic Church to help in the exorcism, but all deacons who was sent to help him was all coming back frightened and wasn't able to finish the exorcism. One of the student in the theology university Choi (Kang Dong Won) is being chosen to be Priest Kim'…

URIAGE : Your absolute solution for mosturizing~ ^^

I've always have problem with dry skin. >.< Moreover, after moving into a country with dry winter like South Korea, it's become more of trouble when I would have to put on my make up and walk around for the whole day during winter. The dry skin would come out, making your make up to look super untidy.

I've mentioned before that I loved using Too Cool For School moisturizer since it make your skin feel soft the whole day. But still, it doesn't help that much when you will have to apply the moisturizer over and over again. Your make up will eventually go away and you might have to keep applying your bb cream or powder over and over again.

Recently, while going to buy a new bottle of Raspberry Vinegar by Yves Rocher in the nearest Olive Young, I happened to see URIAGE product for their moisturizing line. I've tried their lip balm before which I think do a great effect. So my eyes was extremely goes to a "bling bling" mode when I see their moisturizing …

Shake-Shake Burger opening soon in 2016~!

Sung Si Kyung made comments on Shake-Shake Burger~
Last October, Sung Si Kyung has made an appearance in a Cable Channel Olive TV's show which is called "Olive Show 2015".
At the time at the show, Sung Si Kyung said, "Shake Shake Burger is not famous in New York. But the first time I tried it out, I fainted,"
Listening to Sung's comment, Chef Jang Ji Soo said, "Shake-Shake Burger is more famous in the east side, but In and Out Burgery is more famous in the west side," and added, "If you're looking for a basic original taste of burger, Shake-Shake Burger is more delicious, In and Out Burger is more about "Animal Style" and the most famous menu is where they put sauces on the top of french fries,"
"Though personally I think Shake-Shake Burger is more delicious," said Chef Jang Ji Soo quickly, while Sung Si Kyung agreed, "Me too, me too,"
Shake-shake Burger, one of the top 3 burger in USA is going to open…

Tour around Seokjojeon which appears in Infinite Challenge~

I learned about the existence of this place through Infinite Challenge during the episode where Yoo Jae Suk and Gwanghee act as a tour guide during their historical tour which I found interesting, since I'm always interested in anything about history. Seokjojeon located in Deoksugung Palace, which located across the City Hall~
Daehan Gate is the main gate of Deoksugung Palace, where you can buy the entry ticket for KRW 1,000 on the left side. It's free for those all of you who is below 25 years old though (as per December 2015).
When you get inside, you'll notice that everything looks the same whether it's in Gyeongbok Palace, or Changdeok Palace or any other palaces in Korea. It's of course being rebuild again since almost everything is being raided and vanished during the Japanese invasion hundred years ago.
And, TADA, here's our main destination today~! Seokjojeon~ There's 3 floor where you can go inside for a look, the basement floor which basically got…