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[Food] Chae Seon Dang (Korean Shabu-Shabu Restaurant)

Shabu-shabu in Korea here definitely taste slightly a little bit different than how I used to have it back in Indonesia. In Indonesia you can have options of spicy and non spicy soup, but here most of them, they give you the non spicy one, unless you go to a Chinese Restaurant to have the shabu-shabu. I went to a place called Chae Seon Dang, you can see several of these chain restaurants everywhere in Seoul.
They sell their menu in a set for 1 servings, but you will have to order at least 2 servings for each type of menu you'd like to try. Otherwise you can just choose the most basic menu then add the additional stuff you'd love to have, whether it's a rice paper, or additional vegetable, or additional beef or pork. After you put in your order, you can go to a so-called self corner to choose the sauce and vegetable you'd like to have.
Not much of variety on the vegetable, you can take either the left one or the right one. And for the sauce I choose these two. Though I …

[Plastic Surgery] Angle + Zygoma Surgery

First of all I would like to thank you this patient who willingly sharing her story with all of us without being sponsored. Thanks to Dr. Kang who is super patient during her surgery day and recovery time, which makes her feel really satisfied with us and even opening up to us first and give us suggestion to post up her surgery journey. =)

She reached in the morning and went to our hospital as soon as she arrived Korea, having the consultation with us and then directly decided to do the surgery on the same day. Well, since she’s coming well prepared for the surgery, so she doesn’t seem to even hesitate about the surgery at all. We went to the nearest general doctor to have a general check up, and we also run a blood test and wait for like 3 hours before the check up result finally came out. Since the result of the general check up turns out super good, we began to prepare for the surgery.

The problem on this patient’s face is her high cheek bone and a square jaw angle. The…

[Food] Seong Min Lamb Skewers

This restaurant has always been popular in my neighborhood and just extended to another location nearby as their current place is being bombarded by customer. The business hour runs from 5 pm up to 5 am. And I was surprised when I found this place empty when I get inside the restaurant...
But within count of minutes, the place is full of customers. lolz. Meaning I was lucky to arrive just in time and don't have to queue up for the food. =)
They sell various stuff, most of them related to lamb meat. I ordered a serving of lamb skewers and a serving of lamb chop, which cost KRW 11,000 and KRW 13,000 respectively. I could say that the price of the lamb chop is not that expensice, as I've tried to eat in a place near Seoul Station where it cost KRW 18,000 for a serving of lamb chop.
The lamb skewers I ordered come out first. 1 serving consists of 10 pieces of lamb skewers. And the unique thing about this is that the grill can move automatically, so just put the skewers there and i…

[Food] Noodles Mania

I loved to eat noodles when I lived in either Singapore or Indonesia. I love the Fish Ball Noodle and Hokkian Mee the most, which can be found everywhere around the hawker center in Singapore.

And not to forget Prawn Noodle located in the hawker center near Little India MRT Station, don't know whether they still have it or not, since it's been few years back the last time I ate it.
While in Indonesia, we have the unbeatable INDOMIE GORENG~~ which can be made into either fried or soup version. =)

But in South Korea here, you don't really have that much of option, p.s. I'm talking about like a real Korean style noodle here. Either you mix it with your food like when you're eating Marinated Chicken Galbi, or you buy an instant noodle and cook it at home, since their instant noodle actually taste quite decent. While in most of restaurant that sells handmade noodle, my favorite option will be either Chicken Noodle Soup or Clam Noodle Soup. The place where I went to they…

[Food] Daljan

Daljan literally means a moon cup. But if you try to search for the same thing through search engine, I noticed that there's really a so-called moon cup, which I though is a very unique shape of cup to use. Too bad that I can't drink alcohols and stuff, but trying to drink with this kind of cup would definitely be a very cute thing to do. lolz.
Cute right? How it can make a moon cycle (do I use a right word here?)~ And the logo of this restaurant itself also consists of moon and cup.
And they put some spaces between one table to another, so you won't be bothered even when the next table is speaking in a slightly loud voice. Though you still can hear them if they talk with a super duper loud voice though. They also put this kind of decoration so that you won't be able to see who sit next to you clearly.
And the seat that I really would like to try out once in a while, well, maybe next time, since coming in groups will make it really inconvenient to sit in this kind of a…