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[Plastic Surgery] Facial Contouring + Fat Graft + Breast Augmentation

I've posted on how my surgery's recovery is going before, but since it's over than 7 months now and a lot of people has been asking me on how I'm doing and so curious on how I look like now, I decided to redo another post of myself. ^^ So, just for a refresher, here is a photo of myself before surgery.
I have a wide cheek bones, with a square jaw and also a sunken forehead. Therefore, I decided to do zygoma reduction, square jaw reduction, chin surgery, along with forehead fat grafting. Oh, and I did my breast augmentation as well with Dr. Kim in this hospital, but since you can see my review here regarding my breast augmentation surgery.

You can see that my surgery can be considered as a very well done surgery. lolz. Since a lot of my friends saying that I'm becoming pretty and I realized it as well. And I could feel that my popularity is going up. My face is becoming pretty and I have a great body now due to my breast augmentation.

TADA... here's my photo after 7 months of my surgery. You can feel that the line has become even smoother compare to my previous post.

I love my new self and would like to encourage all of you out there who still hesitate to take on the surgery for yourself. If you feel you need it and you can gain more confidence through it, then do it now~! And get yourself a turnover right now~! =)


  1. Your surgery came out good . You look younger & super cute but to be honest your before Face was so much better . I'm not against plastic surgery at all but your old face was more defined and elegant . Why anyone that had such a pretty face like you would think about surgery is beyond me . But anyways , you look about 10 years younger now so that's good .

    1. thank you~ but the one in this post is not me~ it's one of our hospital model~ thank you for coming by though =D

  2. Hey, what hospital is it?:)


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