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[Plastic Surgery] Upper Body Liposuction

After talking about pork belly restaurant in my previous post, I bet almost everyone of you would have belly problem if you enjoy eating those kind of food without any balancing exercises. Before starting to choose the liposuction option, of course nothing beat the traditional and healthy way of losing weight by exercising and go on a healthy diet. But, most of the times, after you did an exercise and control your own diet, the problem is the fat just won't go away~! In this article, we would like to talk about this girl who just did her upper body liposuction a month ago.
I've a big upper and lower belly which makes my breast and my belly look like that it has the same size, well, from the photo you can even see that actually my belly is a lot more protruding than my breast.
In this second picture, you can see that I've waist, it's just doesn't really show due to the fat I have around it. I've been thinking of having liposuction since a long time ago, but since my parents told me to try out for diet and exercise first, I listened to them and started to attend the gym, doing yoga and stuff. It does help me losing some weight, but at some point, it just go static. It doesn't go down any longer, and by this time after seeing my effort on losing weight, my parents agree to let me have it, the upper body liposuction.

One thing that you've to know is normally surgeon will only take out around 5000~6000 cc per procedure, so if you have an obesity problem don't try to do everything at one, since you won't see any big difference to yourself. For this girl, the doctor take out around 5300 cc on her upper body procedure doing her tummy, waist, and breast accessory.

And this is how she looks like after a month....
The procedure is concentrated more on my tummy since I requested that way. lolz while the surgeon help me to make my body line to look smoother from the back. You can see a little of bruising still up there, a little here and there. But basically I'm healing fast. The swelling has gone down by 80%. Normally it will be only around 50% for most people. Lucky me~! =) And note that when you still have your swelling, you won't feel anything, you will still have the same big body, and you can feel some hard thingies here and there with a lot of bruises. But once the swelling is going down, the line will look smoother and you will start to see the change of it.
From the side it looks even more obvious that my liposuction is a success. You can see that my stomach is no longer protruding, but it's a straight line. And the most important thing is it's not as protrude as my breast part. My parents feel very happy for me, while worrying over the bruises which looks more serious compare to my back. Well of course it's more serious, the whole procedure is being concentrated up front here. >.< hehehe

Aside from the procedure, the more important thing of having a liposuction is how you take care of it during your recovery period. The most important thing is don't gain too much weight during the recovery period, other wise everything you done will go on a waste. So, remember to eat a little but healthy, maintain your weight, and wear the compressive garments that we give you. You've to wear that for at least 24 hours for the first month, then minimum 8 hours a day for the next 6 month. And wear it in every opportunity for another year will help even more in shaping your body after liposuction.

Good luck and get ready to have yours too now~! ^^


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