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[Travel] Seodaemun Museum of Natural History

It was my day off and I've been wanting to go to this place ever since I know there's a museum of natural history in Seoul here. I should have went here when I lived in Sinchon before, since it's very near from Sinchon and very far away from where I live now.

So, after stopping at the nearest bus stop. You'll still have to walk quite a while before you reach the place. It's 285 meters walk as per shown in naver map. But the problem is, it's definitely not a nice way to walk, it's an inclining road. T-T

Okay, so you'll see a place sells korean gingseng like this and you walk upwards..
 You've to keep walking from here...
Until you see this kind of place where you've to cross the street...
TADA... and finally here we are the museum of natural history~ It's been a fun for me visiting museum of natural history back in my home town~ You can see a lot of things, learn a lot of new things, and I wonder whether this place also could let me see and learn a lot of things?
Go towards this building and you'll see a ticket office next to it's main entrance / exit. The place for the ticket is kind of hidden and they only write the instruction on where they sell the ticket in Korean. So make sure you take a peek on the little box located on the right side of the main door to purchase a ticket.
I got mine~! 1 ticket for KRW 6,000. Ah, and make sure to keep holding your ticket during your visit here, since the toilet and some of the attraction place located outside of the ticketing gate. So you'll be needing the ticket for a re-entrance.
You'll see a super big tyrannosaurus in the main hall and the first thing that come in mind is this museum is super noisy. I mean SUPER~! I know that most of the visitors would be mommy or daddy taking out their children for fun around here, since you can see a lot of types of dinosaur and kids just love dinosaur, aren't they? So, I've not expecting that I'll spend this museum trip quietly, it'll be kinda noisy, but THIS level of noisiness is unbearable. But since I've spent money on the ticket, I can't just throw it away, can I?

I straightly went for the elevator to go up to the 3rd floor, since the staff told me the exhibition starts from 3rd floor to the 2nd floor and finish at the first floor. So I went up to the 3rd floor, and the first thing I get is this super cool 3D glasses, they let you watch how the earth is created at first in a 3D simulation. Wow~! If only the kids who watches is not that noisy, I don't even get to hear what's the narration is trying to tell.... T.T
Then after I finished up. It's a short show of 5 or 7 minutes I think? The next thing you get to see is all kinds of meteorite.
And there's this one here where they exhibit it openly where you even can try to lift the thing up. It's super damn heavy. I can't even move an inches. Or maybe is it because I'm not strong enough to move the thing?
 Here's the information on the meteorite above...
Too bad my phone camera isn't able to catch how cool this is... But this projection of the 3D Earth really look super awesome when you see it in person. <3
And there's also explanation on planets...

And next one is volcano...
And look who's walking on the top of it ~ !
There are also explanation on types and variety of stones and precious stones can be found on earth, but I deliberately will only upload this picture below. Reason is because this one comes from Indonesia~ ^^v
Overall, the 3rd floor exhibitions on our earth planet and everything has been very captivating for me. And now we'll continue to the 2nd floor where they'll tell us stories on pre historical animals~ And you get to see this once you go down the stairs.
And, for the prehistoric parts, it will be very awesome if they don't put on stuff which looks really fake like these ones. lolz

Sorry to speak, but it really feels like I'm in Toy R Us, trying to buy some ancient animals doll. =P And this is the part where I love about this exhibition. Bones and bones... ^^ And if you notice a monitor in front of some bone display, it's some kind of monitor where they let you to see the imaginary visual of the dinosaurs. So you aim it at some part of the dinosaur bone, and in the monitor you can see the same part with flesh and blood and moving. Too bad that my camera aren't able to catch a picture of it.

And here's elephant, saber tooth tiger, mammoth and a real fossil of ancient turtle found in South Korea (in Gyeongju area if I remember correctly). =)

The last thing would be the first floor. It tells about the current ecology system on earth, and I hope that they'll put at least a little bit of the real stuff for you to see, well they have reptiles like snake and amphibians like frog but it's just not fascinating enough. Therefore I got the least of the photo from this floor, since there's nothing much to see. m.m"

Last but not least, buy a cup of sweet potato latte to end my trip today =)

Overall, this place is a nice place to visit with your kids but not when you're alone. LOLZ. It feels a little bit too expensive for a KRW 6,000 with so little things to see and most of them are fakes like to the point of real fake. I'd rather prefer a trip to National History Museum located at Isu Station. I've visited the museum like 3 times but I still feel the place is so damn awesome. =)


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