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[Travel] Gwanak Mountain

The only mountain located nearby my neighborhood. Get out of Seoul National University Station Exit no. 3 (please don't get confused between Seoul National University with Seoul National University of Education Station), go straight and you'll see a bus stop, you can take any bus from here and stop at Seoul National University Bus Stop. For me, I took bus no. 5513 and then you can get off on the 4th stop after you take on the bus. =)

Once you get off the bus, things can get very confusing. There's no sign at all on where to go to get to the entrance of Gwanak Mountain. Ah, there's a sign, but the sign only written in Korean words which I believe most of foreigners won't understand. So, the simplest way is there's a CU convenience store right behind the bus stop, if you're facing the CU convenience store, turn to your right side and go straight forward along the road, and you'll see the entrance. ^^

Now, all you have to do is just keep walking up, since …

Blogger's Recognition Award

I was nominated for Blogger's Recognition Award by Tijana Balint, a dedicated blogger~! You can check her blog here!

~Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog. ~Give a brief summary of how your blog started. ~Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers. ~Select 15 other bloggers that you would like to nominate. ~Let your 15 nominees know that you have nominated them and include a link to your post.
About : Seoucial
I'm a Chinese Indonesian who has been living in South Korea for 3 years and on going. I love traveling and culinary but realized there's one problem around here, that it's hard to find an information center or restaurant menu which is written in English around here, making it hard for first timer in Korea to travel by their own. Therefore, rather than introducing places other than those which has been popular among tourists, I'd love to introduces places which is popular among locals. Aside, I noticed that lots of foreigner…

[Travel] Amsa-dong Prehistorical Site

I accidentally find out about this place through visit Korea website, and since I'm a fan of anything prehistoric, I decided to go and check it out by myself. ^^ The prehistoric digging site located at Amsa-dong. You can get there by taking subway line 8 and stop at Amsa Station.
It's the last station of line 8 subway station, so you definitely won't go to the wrong way. LOLZ. Then, find exit no. 4 and keep walking straight, the distance is 1.05 km or so the naver map says, so roughly it takes me 20 minutes to walk before I finally get to see the main gate of the site. =)
To your right, there's a place where you can buy the entrance ticket, which is very cheap. It only cost you 500 won to buy the ticket. You walk in there and the first thing you see is this :
This should be how the storage pot look like in the neolithic period. Where they gathered the food and keep it in this kind of pot / bowl. (?) lolz~ Anyway the next thing is I don't think this has get somethin…