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[Breast Augmentation] Things we need to know~!

Lately the weather is getting cooler, it seems more like to go towards to cool autumn instead of the super duper hot summer. As the weather changes, so does the surgery trend in Seoul. You get a lot of teenager customer who wanted to do their eyes or nose, but as the weather gets cooler, there's a lot of female in their 20s to 40s swarming the clinic as they would like to have a breast surgery. There's a few type of breast surgery such as breast augmentation, mastopexy (breast lifting) and breast reduction. But, today's topic we will be more concentrating on breast augmentation.
"I have a flat chest and feel not confident of myself when I have to wear a tight clothes or a rather open clothes. But I was too afraid of having an implant inserted in my breast, as I heard that the silicone inside the implant, which might come out, can cause several dangerous sickness, such as cancer,"

I bet there's a lot of you out there who have the same perception as the person above. But I can definitely say that it's not true at all. Why? The fluids inside the old generation of implants is made of saline water, just in case you don't know what saline is, saline is being used my hospital to clean up the medical equipment, sterilizing wounds, etc. So, in short, saline is not a dangerous material and will not cause any strange illness even when it's flowing out of the implants. And then, the next one is silicone gel, where it is 100 percent won't flow and spread everywhere even when the implants is ruptured inside. The newest one would be a cohesive gel which made of a gel type silicone which won't rupture if a truck run over it, and even if it's ruptured inside, the cohesive gel won't go anywhere. Don't believe in me? Well, I get the below pictures as a proof :

If every kind of implant is really safe to use, then why a new implants has to be invented over and over again? What's the difference between those 3 implants? The answer is the stability of the form.

Saline implant is not dangerous for the body, but there's a lot of cases which shows that few years after the surgery several problem such as the saline water would leak out of the implants and it will cause the breast to look real weird.

This is what might happens to silicone implants, therefore the specialists started to research and try to invent something more stable and safe. In the first picture you can see where one of the implants started to run downwards, while the second pictures show how your breast look like if the saline leaks out of the implant.

So they invented silicone gel implant. The silicone gel don't have any leaking problem, but it's still not stable enough, therefore in some cases (though it's very rare) the implants might look unnatural when you lying down, because the shape of the implants slightly changes. The second reason is since that the implants is being put below the skin, in some cases (just like the saline implant) one of the implants location might move. The other reason of this movement is that the surface of the implant is too smooth.
You see how the shape slightly changes when you're in a lying down position right? Therefore, the specialists invented another new type of implant which is called a cohesive gel implants, some of you known this implant as gummy bear implant. This cohesive implant can definitely make up for the lack point of the implant.

1. Cohesive gel has a more stable form compare to silicone gel implant or saline implant. You can see how stable is cohesive gel is compare to silicone gel implant in the picture below:
You can see that the teardrop cohesive gel implants (left) can come back to it's original form after being given a pressure, unlike the silicone gel implant (right) which shapes goes crazy after given pressure.

2. Cohesive gel has a textured surface, which makes it can get adapt with the soft tissue of our body easily, and fixed in a certain place, therefore this can prevent the implants location to move after surgery.
Therefore wherever you go for the surgery, please make sure that the hospital you go for is using a cohesive gel implants to reduce the side effect after surgery.

"I would like to have a more volumable breast through breast augmentation, but the problem is the scar. Everyone would know that I had it done if they see the scar,"

The next thing is something as important as knowing your implants well, which is the incision area.

1. Under armpit : This is the old method of doing a breast surgery, and a lot of you might prefer this technique compare to the other technique since you thought that this incision is the most "common" and is the "safest" way of getting your breast augmentation done. But, you're wrong. This type of incision is riskier and will make you feel like hell during the recovery period. Why? Because there's a lot of hand's motoric nerve going through this part and the incision will less or more cause the nerves to be wounded and it will need time before your motoric nerves gets back into its shape. And during the recovery period of your wounded motoric nerves, you will have problem in moving your hand, raise your hands or even when you try to get something of your own with your hands.
2. Under line of your breast : This is the safest way of getting your surgery done as per what the specialists said without having any risk of damaging the nerves, etc. But for you people who really care much about the scar problem, your might want to avoid using this type of surgery. The scar won't show up when you're standing since it's being cover by your breast but it will shown when you lie down.
3. Areola : This type of technique has the least scar out of all, even almost can't be seen after 6 months (as the scar color will fade away). But this is the hardest technique out of all, so a highly skilled surgeon is definitely needed for this one. The one weakness of this type of incision is, if the diameter of your areola is smaller compare to most of the people then you won't be able to use this type of incision.

To get a simple look on how the scar of each incision would look like, we have the below pictures for you to refer at. Both are how the scar looks like 6 months after the surgery :

How? No matter how many times you see it, the scar made through areola incision left the least and almost not visible scar out of all right? Therefore, don't doubt your surgeon when they suggest you to do the areola incision, since it's the incision which will left you with minimum and an almost not visible scar. ^^


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