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[Travel] Amsa-dong Prehistorical Site

I accidentally find out about this place through visit Korea website, and since I'm a fan of anything prehistoric, I decided to go and check it out by myself. ^^ The prehistoric digging site located at Amsa-dong. You can get there by taking subway line 8 and stop at Amsa Station.
It's the last station of line 8 subway station, so you definitely won't go to the wrong way. LOLZ. Then, find exit no. 4 and keep walking straight, the distance is 1.05 km or so the naver map says, so roughly it takes me 20 minutes to walk before I finally get to see the main gate of the site. =)
To your right, there's a place where you can buy the entrance ticket, which is very cheap. It only cost you 500 won to buy the ticket. You walk in there and the first thing you see is this :
This should be how the storage pot look like in the neolithic period. Where they gathered the food and keep it in this kind of pot / bowl. (?) lolz~ Anyway the next thing is I don't think this has get something to do with the neolithic and prehistoric thing, but I see a horse man statue, a Sagittarian~ <3
The next thing you get to see is the pit house, a house where the neolithic period people used to live. They remodeled it by following the structures remain found in Amsa-dong. So, 6000 years ago, people lived in this kind of houses.
And if you walked further down, there is one pit house to your right where they let you to go inside and see what does the house look like inside.
And, the video as well~~
As you walk near to the center of the pit house, there is a automatic explanation radio who will suddenly started to speak up and give explanation in Korean. It feels creepy when I get inside the pit house, and it even startled me when the radio started to turn on.
After seeing the pit houses, the next destination will be the exhibition hall, which looks like this.
Once you get inside you can see the remains they found in the digging site like these :
It's awesome right?! And surrounding the digging site, you get to see tools that neolithic people used to have. We have a tool to lit fire which look like this :
And axes...
And they even know how to use an arrow... =_="
Moving to the next exhibition hall, you get to experience these things. WOW~! Using the fire lit tool and how does the neolithic people use the bow. The way they use the bow is kind of different with what we make use of it now. They literally rotate it this way, I wonder what's the use of the bow at that time. If someone knows about this, please leave the answer in the comment below. ^^
And here's how they make use of the bow which is very confusing for me~
Then you got to see some of the remains being found in the Amsa-dong, you have all types of tool they use on that time :
The pot that we saw in the main entrance, and tools to make decoration on the pot...
Then the necklace they used to have =)
And they even mentioned accessory made out of shell which is a mask made out of shell. I wondered how big the shell during that time that it can covered up the whole face. Or do the neolithic person has a super small face that it fits in the shell?
The next one I don't think I'd have to explain what's this, as you can find a similar thing even nowadays in the kitchen. lolz This one is more useful though, it can be use as the grinding stone cum cutting board.
They also make the miniatures on how the buried the dead people...
The hunting life...
The fishing life...
The agricultural life...
If you still not satisfied with what you can see inside the exhibition hall, they prepare a little library where you can read books and find out information about neolithic period people.
I was super satisfied up to this point. It's like just by paying 500 won and you can learn so much about the thing around here. The next destination would be what they call experiencing the prehistorical life, which I had put a lot of hope in it. lolz
They wrote "Path of the Time" in the entrance gate, and you'll have to go through the cave...
They put television left and right to give out information...
But wait... eh... ? Doesn't this place is all about prehistoric life and neolithic period? But the video they put everywhere is not about neolithic period... But instead history of Korea where they are being attacked by Japan and how they fight to get their country and independence back... It's just so weird that we have to see all this in a what they called prehistoric site museum....
Then you got to see the pit house again~~~ I was so happy that I thought this time I get to go inside, where they'll prepare the tool they used to have inside the house and let us try it out one by one...
But turns out it's just a decoration, they even put a fence and literally write "Don't get too near" beside the pit house. So what's this all about...? I thought it should be a place where you can experience thing...
And the next one you get to the area saying where you can experience a fishing life of neolithic people.
 But once again you can see this sign on the left~~
Which says you cannot throw a stone or go inside the water..... So my question is what the point of making a so called "experiencing" village where you don't get to "experience" things?
And this is the only thing I get to touch and experience when I got to the hunting ground experience. lolz.

Overall it's not a very disappointing trip as I got to see a lot of things~ If only you can really experience thing in the experience village area then it'll be more awesome~ =)


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