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A Day at Daehag-ro~~

If you asked me out of the places in Seoul, which one is my favorite, then without thinking twice, I'll definitely will answer you with "Daehag-ro"~ The first area where I lived when I first come to Seoul, my first language school I attended, and I befriended a lot of foreigner friends which some of them still are one of my best friends up to today. =D

They have lots of art centers, street performers, theaters, lovely cafes and crowded street, but not too crowded. There still a long list of reasons why I'm so in love with this area. ^^  Last week, I decided to revisit this area, but my favorite cafe around this place is not opened. T.T I planned to go up to Naksan Park or going around the Ihwa Maeul Village but the rain pour down so heavily that it will be too dangerous to go up on the steep road ahead. So I decided to just wonder around, having an early dinner then go for a cup of tea and a cake.

I went into some Sundubu restaurant, place where they sell any kinds of Sundubu, which is a Korean Tofu Soup.
Each portion costs you around KRW 8,000 but if you bought a set menu then it'll cost around KRW 19,000 for both with an extra additional of Ddeok Galbi. And the side dishes they served tastes good, especially the white colored thing which tastes like jelly, if only anyone can tell me what it is. LOLZ
It doesn't take too long until the Tofu Stew is ready to be served. =)
For you who don't like spicy food, this tofu stew taste really spicy, super spicy, spicier compare to tofu stew you ate somewhere else. But you won't have to worry~ As the restaurant served you a raw egg in the table, and you can put it inside the boiling tofu stew. This way, the soup won't taste as spicy as the original one~ It still taste spicy for me though even after I put an egg and pour a glass of water inside~ T-T I'm not saying it tastes bad, it's just too spicy for me.
Next thing coming up is the Ddeok Galbi, I ate these kind of thing once in Damyang before, and I have to said that the Ddeok Galbi here, doesn't taste too good. The ginger (?) is too strong~ Even when me and my friend feels hungry, we don't even manage to finish half of the Galbi~ o_O" You can imagine how bad it taste right? I should have just ordered the tofu stew without the set menu.

After finishing our lunch, we were planning to go on for some girls shopping, but problem is the rain is pouring even heavier, so we decided to find a place to sit down and wait until the rain stops. I saw a cake shop near the Dongdeok Woman University Art Center, which cakes look super duper delicious....

Looks not bad right? But too bad, that some Ahjummas bringing their children who came in last after me, asking their children to go up stair and grab the chairs. And the things which makes me even feel angrier is that there's actually one table on the 2nd floor and another one on the 3rd floor, but they were occupying both of them, when they are actually only needing one. Why would people from the same group sitting on a different table at a different floor?! Feeling annoyed, we moved to the nearest bakery shop we can find which is.... Napoleon Bakery~!
When you get inside, the place look so average and there's not much people inside even when the weather was that bad. Heavy rain and strong wind.... (Note : The outside view of the bakery is a result of the naver search, I don't get to take the picture from outside due to the bad weather ^^)
See how empty the place is even with the bad weather? I was worried that the thing here doesn't taste nice, so we just bought a piece of cake with a glass of tea. LOLZ~! But to our surprise, the Cherry Yoghurt Cake I ordered taste so yummy~!! It can even be compared to my favorite cake store at Sinsa, Deux Amis~! The taste is comparable but the cake price here is like 20 percent cheaper than those at Deux Amis~ If you're a cake or bread lover, you should really try this place out~!

And for your information, they will open a new branch soon in Gangnam Area on 20th November 2015~! Don't forget to mark your calendar and go for a taste =D


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