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[C-Drama] Nirvana in Fire

I've always been a fan of Chinese historical drama. I love ancient Chinese history, love the inflict, love their costumes and always dying to catch a new drama whenever there's one. And this drama, I've been waiting for it to be on air since end of year 2014, and finally it's HERE~!!

The trailer is super duper intriguing and well made, making me guessing what will be of the story. And the best part is that this drama is living up to my expectation. Well, I never ever wrote about a drama review or opinion on a drama I'm watching before, but this drama would be such a waste if I don't share a word on this wonderful drama.

Here's the 15-minutes-long trailer. The song might be a little bit draggy and slow in the first 1.5 minutes.
This drama stars quite few faces which often comes out in Chinese period drama. Named Hu Ge, who is well known as the king of period drama, who has often appeared in wuxia and period drama as Guo Jing (Legend of the Condor Heroes), Jiu Ye (Sound of Desert), Chinese Paladin, etc.

The story is not draggy, it makes you guessing and Hu Ge's character as a genius strategy master keep you amused minutes after minutes. Aside lead character, the supporting role also doing a good job in their acting and match really well with their role.

And, though I hate to admit it... one of the actor who amused me with his acting in this drama is the actor who played as Xie Yu. He confers really well every single and tiny bits of his feeling to his action and expression shown. Though, some novel readers criticized that he's delivering something so different that what is being described in the novel. Well, I don't read the novel, so I have no comment. All I know, this guy is really good~!
Aside from talented actors we also got to see some characters with a cute funny characters, such as Head General Meng who is in charge of palace security. An old acquaintance of Mei Chang Shu (Hu Ge's character) who loves to help and worried about his buddy a lot. He's a kind-heart person who is kind of... stupid... and slow to read situation... lolz
There's also Hu Ge's body guard~ Looks familiar? Yes, he's the one playing as young Yoko in the newest Return of the Condor Heroes where they had a super chubby girl portraying the Xiao Long Nv who should be as beautiful as god. Yuck~! >.<
There should be a total of 50 episodes, but as per yesterday they only coming out up to Episodes 24. There's a lot of Youtube users and some Chinese site updating the drama episodes the next day after the drama is on air, 2 episodes per day. So you won't have to wait too long in a sleepless night because you're dying to see the next episode. =) I hope the last half of the drama will be as interesting as the first half of the drama. ^^


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