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[Food] Japanese Ramyeon in Seoul~ Sanjome, Makan Ramen Jepang di Seoul =)

Still trying hardly on doing my translation job for translating a Chinese written agreement to Korean written agreement. >.< I worked out late last night, woke up late this morning and decided to eat one of my favorite Japanese Ramen restaurant in neighborhood which is called Sanjome. I've visited here for a few times and would like to introduce 3 of my favorite menu in this restaurant. ^^

The restaurant is not that big and you will have to share table with other people, as the place is small but the customers are so many. Sometimes you'll even have to queue up during lunch time. So if you don't like a too crowded place, then you might want to consider visiting this place during dinner. =) As they have lesser customer during night rather than during day.

In Sanjome, they sell variety of Soup Ramen, Dry Ramen and variety of Don (Rice Topped with Certain Menu). And out of the variety they had, my favorites are...

1. Don Katsu Ramen
Ramen made out of stocks which has been cooked for hours so that it'll taste more delicious and tastier with a slice of pork meat of course and an Japanese style boiled egg. >.< Before I know about this place, I used to go to Ippudo which located in Apgujeong if I feel like eating ramen, but since the Don Katsu Ramen in Sanjome definitely taste much better than Ippudo's Ramen.

2. Tsukemen
Is the only dry kind of ramen being sold in this restaurant. I think it's basically a Soba concept, it's just they use different kind of noodles and different kind of sauce. But I definitely love this one more as it's richer in flavor. It taste slightly a little bit spicy and sour at the same time. Definitely loving it. =)

3. Sin Buta Don
Spicy Pork Rice. =) The pork tastes really really really good. You can slightly smell a roasted pork grilled with charcoal smell, it tastes sweet and spicy and making you want to eat more. >.< Oh, for you who'd love to try out both (1 Ramen + 1 Don) menu, they're actually selling it in set menu during lunch. So you can order a ramen, add 1000 KRW to get a mini sized Don, then you can have both ramen and Don~!

But of course, since mini sized Don is not enough, but taking the set menu is too much for me, I've always try the menu out one by one every visit. =) >.< And now, after writing this, I'm thinking of which menu to have today~~ =D

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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