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[ Korean Food ] Chicken and Darts at Hongik University Station~ Makan Ayam Goreng Korea di Hongdae~

If you guys is a fan of Korean Cooking Show, you guys might now the recently HOTTEST cooking show in Korea which is 냉장고를 부탁해 or literally means Please take care of my refrigerator, is a cooking show where they normally will ask 2 celebrity guest out for each episode, bringing each of their own refrigerator from home. Then, the chef who appear in the show, normally there will be 8 chef appear, will have to cook based on the theme the celebrity choose and can only use the ingredients inside of the refrigerator.

The show is on fire, that almost every chef who appear in the show will become popular and even can get a lot of endorsement, and some even become CF stars. WOW right?! And one the episode where they bring G Dragon and Taeyang into the episode, you can even find 3 most expensive food in the world inside GD's refrigerator. >.< Okay, anyway, one of the chef who specialized in Chinese food, named Lee Yeon Bok owned a restaurant at Yeonheui-dong, and me and my friend were planning to try it out yesterday.

But, once we reached there, we found out that we would have to make a reservation first before we can go inside the restaurant.... And when I was try to make a reservation for the next day, the restaurant manager tell us that the restaurant has been fully booked up to November.... -_-" Meaning we won't be able to try this restaurant like until pass mid November. Therefore, walking around sadly, don't know what to eat, because we were planning to have a Chinese Food before. Then, we saw a restaurant who everyone will surely love to eat, which sells Korean Fried Chicken, located near Hongdae Station Exit no. 8.

Rather than walking aimlessly, we decided to just eat anything. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and once you get into the place then you'll see this kind of interior...
And an announcement which says that they are having an event, which is playing dart. If you can get the points as per below, each of the point will give you one free item. And if you can get 777 points (for guy) or 666 points (for girl) then they even give you a portion of free Garlic Roasted Chicken. o_O"
There's a lot of kind of chicken you can have. While me, I ordered a Chinese Spicy Fried Chicken with a Ddokbukki Ramyeon. The chinese spicy fried chicken has a 50% discount so it only costs KRW 9000 while the Ramyeong cost another KRW 9000.
Aside from the side dishes, they prepare 2 types of sauce for you, the dark colored one taste slightly sweet and spicy, while the white one taste plain sweet. The first thing to come out is the Korean Rice Cake, which come out with the Ramyeon.
So, it's like the ramyeon it's not inside, but they served it separately, so you can choose in either to put the ramyeon inside the Korean Rice Cake sauce, or just slightly dip it then sip it.
And, the last one to come out of course the Chinese Spicy Fried Chicken. I don't expect too much of it, since I never heard of this fried chicken restaurant before, but it definitely taste special. The sauce is sweet and sour and spicy while the outside is crispy enough and the meat inside is soft enough =D It's so juicy that you can even felt it melt inside your mouth >.<
If you ask me to come back one more try and have another try on another menu, I'll definitely come back here and try again. LOLZ. This place is just too wonderful. ^^

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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