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[Korean Food] New Sashimi Place in Neighbourhood! Sashimi di Seoul!

Planning to have pork rib kimchi stew for my dinner, but when I reached the place where I used to go for a rib kimchi stew, I found that the restaurant I used to go has closed down recently and they turned it into a place where they sell sashimi or raw fish. T.T

I'm not a fan of raw fish, so when my friends said that they'd love to go inside having sashimi for dinner, I almost declined the offer until I saw there's a grilled shrimp on the menu. ^^v They can just enjoy eating their sashimi while I can enjoy my grilled shrimp. =D

Unlike before, after the restaurant changed into selling sashimi, the place is crowded with people. Making me realized not only the Japanese, but Korean also love to eat raw fish, which I hate the most. >.<
They also served side dishes which is being served in every sashimi place in Korea, which is several types of leaves, Korean style wasabi, and their sashimi sauce which makes of ssamjang and chili cuts.
The first thing to come out is the grilled prawn menu, which come out in a fry pan covered with aluminum foil with salt over it, put on top of a gas stove. Okay so the "grilled" prawn is not really being grilled using a coal but they heated it on top of the stove without using any cooking oil.
Just when I was wondering where the prawn inside is still alive or not, that this shocking thing happened... which I get it in time to be recorded on my camera~
After a few more jumps, the prawn slow down, before at last stop to move and start to curled up and their color turn to orange, which means they're 100% cooked and safe to eat.
After they are cooked, then the ahjussi of the restaurant will come over and help you to cut off the head, and the prawn is being served this way.
Yum yum~! While having your meals... they also served you with steamed egg =) my all time favorite dish~
To explain and show clearly how this steamed egg look like, which is extremely  delicious and calling you out to eat itself up right after being served, I also keep a short video of the boiling steamed egg~ Hmmmm~ I still can feel the steamed egg get melted on my mouth~
And finally, the disgusting sashimi is out. For today's menu, my friends decided on having a gizzard (Jeoneo in korean, I don't know whether I translated it correctly), since it's a gizzard season during fall in Korea. They said that gizzard is at the most delicious time of the year, at this time around the year the gizzard is softer, taste more delicious with more meat to chew. =) I don't whether it's really that delicious or not, since I hate fish~! Some more if it's a raw sliced fish~! Yuck~!
When we almost finish eating the grilled prawn, out of sudden, the ahjussi put out a plate of this~!
The prawn head~! Do you remember I told you they cut off the head and leave just the body for you to eat? The ahjussi explain to us, that we can choose in either to just eat the prawn head, or the restaurant can help you to cut it off and recook the head only with butter. And, just as I thought, it tastes fantastic~!!! Although I can't give a comment to the sashimi, since I don't want and don't dare to try even just a bite, but looking from the amount of customers coming for the sashimi, I can say that the sashimi should taste a little bit more than average, or it must be super fresh. =D

@ seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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