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[Travel] Where to Go in Chuncheon? Jalan-jalan Korea ke Chuncheon ^^

Let's say you'll only have a day and you really would like to go out of Seoul for just a day, where would you go? There's a lot of beautiful place out of Seoul where you can visit within a day, and the place I'd like to talk about today is 청평사 (Cheong Pyeong Sa), a temple located in Chuncheon Area.

It's a little bit complicated to get into this place since the bus no. 18-1 which can takes you directly to the main gate of this place from Chuncheon station only operated 2 times a day which is 9 45 AM and 10 PM. HAH! And what worst is it doesn't even operated during weekend~ What a good arrangement from the local government... m.m"

So the other option is a little bit complicated but well who cares since it's a vacation~ ^^ You need to take bus no. 11, 12 or 150 from the opposite of Chuncheon Station and stop at So Yang River Dam (Soyang Gang Daem) stop. You just have to get down when you see this thing...
And then follow down the road and you'll see sign on to get to the ferry port, oh yes, we have to ride a 10 minutes ferry before we can reach the pathway to go to the temple.

The beautiful Soyang Lake~~ >.< Even though I feel super annoyed with the bus thing but how can you keep feel annoyed when there's this beautiful stuff for you to see <3

And there's also a monument of the success of 88 Seoul Olympics =D
It costs around KRW 6,000 to get a round trip ferry ticket.. and here we are riding inside the ferry~ You can either go to the back of the ferry where you've to stand but you see clearly the beautiful panorama of the river~ Or you can either to choose to sit down and enjoy the 10 minutes ride like me~~

After 10 minutes ride, then you'll reach at the other port, but we are not there yet~~

Getting off the port and up here we go~ =)

And when you see this kind of road vendors, meaning that you'll only have 2 more km to go before you can reach the ticket gate.
And I noticed a grandma who is busy taking her selfie pics near the bridge lolz~ >.< She must be a young at heart type of person ^^

And after crossing this bridge... you'll see another street of restaurants~

There's only half way to go before we can reach the ticket gate if you see the second bridge~~ There's a public toilet on the left hand side of the bridge, and you might want go the toilet first before you continue to climb up~ There's still 1 km to go before you get to the ticket gate and there's still a 20 more minutes walk after the ticketing gate before you can find another public toilet to use~
Starting from this point, there's no more street vendor or restaurants or anything... It's 100% nature~ A~ U~ O~! ^^

And a selca of my bare face~ lolz
And, finally we reached the ticket gate. You'll have to pay for KRW 2,000 and if you're either an elder or children or a soldier then you can get a special discount.

I only know that this place is a story about a princess and the snake, but to my surprise that it's actually about a princess of Tang Dynasty~ Yes, I mean the Chinese Tang Dynasty! In the information board, they only said that the guy who loved Pyeongyang Princess is being killed by King Taejong (Taizong Emperor) of Tang Dynasty, which led the guy to reincarnate into snake which keep sticking onto the princess, it's not until the princess come here to pray and have a bath in the nearby fall that the snake finally can go up to nirvana and escape the reincarnation circle of life.

It might be due to this is a temple so that they make the story to sounded like legend or fantasy. In true life, there's really this guy who is being killed by King Taejong because of Gaoyang Princess (real name of the princess whose lover being executed by the king) during Tang Dynasty. But why? Reason 1, Gaoyang Princess is married by that time. Reason 2, the guy is a monk (he is one of the disciple of Monk Tang Shan Zhang who is being made into one of the main character in Journey to the West). Reason 3, since she is a married girl then it would mean that this is an affair!!!

Can you imagine a famous King from a big Dynasty of his time, with a daughter who is married having an affair with a disciple of famous monk from the time? How huge the humiliation is it to him!! If I were the King, I would definitely not only kill the guy, but I'll kill the princess as well. =_=" And later on, after the death of her father, her brother take the throne as Emperor Gaozong of Tang, by this time she plotted a rebellion with her husband and in the end being sentenced to death by hanging by Empress Wu.

Keep going on, you'll see this "Turtle Rock"~ They said it looks like turtle =D

Moving slightly a little bit further up, you can see this fall and cave where they said the princess spend the night here and take the bath here =)

Next is this....

There's also a poet carved in a stone left by a monk few hundred years ago~

Pond being built during Goryeo Dynasty~~
And finally, we reached the main gate of the temple~ Oh yeah~!!!

And here's the end of my journey today~~ =) I really had a lot of fun even though I came all the way here alone ^^ And get a little bit pissed off due to the bus thing~

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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