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Which Zodiac has the most potential to be a Psychotic Killers? Zodiak apa yang Paling Memungkinkan Menjadi Pembunuh Berdarah Dingin?

The list below is based on the research of the States Police Department on their killers list profile. See the list below whether you're being mentioned within the top 3~! >.<

1. Pisces!!
Percentage : 15% of the killers list.
Average People Murdered : 6.32 number victims / killer

Most of Pisces will choose to keep it to themselves and do nothing when they're being bullied by others. But when you keep bullying them / keep forcing them until they can't find any way out, that's when they'll turn evil. By then he'll even finish off anyone, meaning those who don't have any relations with them might even be their victims. o_O" So most of the case found in this Pisces killer is the case of the killing of the entire family. Because when they turn bad, they are even darker and more evil than the Scorpios.

Famous Pisces Killer : Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy

2. Scorpio
Percentage : 11% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 4.79 number victims / killer

Talking about dark sides / dark personality, no one is able to win off this zodiac. But most of the Scorpio killers are being able to captivate easily by the police. Though, the similar thing about Scorpio killers are they normally have a very sadistic way of killing people, like mutilation, etc.

Famous Scorpio Killer : Charles Manson

3. Leo
Percentage : 10% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 4.15 number victims / killer

Most of Leos have a very emotional (read : easily provoked) personality. So most of their killing motives is being provoked so that they get very angry and decided to finish off the victim.

Famous Leo Killer : Anatoly Onoprienko

4. Aquarius
Percentage : 8% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 3.32 number victims / killer

While for Aquarius Killers, it's hard to find out the real motives behind their murders. As this zodiac sign is believed to have a complicated personality, there's no exact motives behind the killing spree. But most of the cases are being categorized under rape-murder cases. And it's said that it's very hard to catch an Aquarius Killers, therefore most of the killers under this zodiac sign are still on the large.... >.< But one interest thing is most of their victims are Aquarius Male. lolz

Famous Aquarius Killer : John Lee Mavo

5. Taurus
Percentage : 8% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2.87 number victims / killer

Most Taurus kills for quite the same reason, not every Taurus but most of the Taurus, which is they kill to keep their secret safe. So if you have a Taurus friend and find out that he / she did something really bad, just keep quite and pretend not to know might be the best way out. lolz ^^

Famous Taurus Killer : Albert Fish

Another interesting thing is that some famous evil dictators are Taurus, say like Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, and Saddam Hussein. And Taurus ranked number 2 in the criminal list, but rather than killing people, they're more well known to do high level crime like money laundering. lolz

6. Virgo
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2 number victims / killer

As for Virgo,mostly they kill because they can't accept the condition they're in right now. Officers always have difficulties in determine their motives of killing. It's found that a lot of unpredictable murders case, things that you might won't even able to imagine comes from these Virgo killers.

Famour Virgo Killer : Ed Gein

7. Gemini
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2 number victims / killer

Most of the murder case by Gemini quite similar to Aquarius Killer which is a rape-murder. But, what differentiate them is while most Aquarius killer is still on the large, Gemini killer is caught 100 percent, meaning non of the Gemini killer able to escape their way from the justice. And their motive is quite similar to Leo which is provoked by others action towards them.

Famous Gemini Killer : Jeffrey Dahmer

8.  Aries
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.57 number victims / killer

They normally would even be more surprised than others when they found themselves kill other people. Most of them kill others when they are getting involved in some serious argument, which makes them lose their mind and kill people before they even know it.

Famous Aries Killer : Keith Jesperson

9. Sagittarius
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.1 number victims / killer

Here comes mine~! lolz~ Sagittarius Killer doesn't have any reason / motives to kill. Most of them kill because they feel like killing someone. After killing others, normally they feel super guilty and tried to turn thing back again, but everything is too late.

Famous Sagittarius Killer : Ted Bundy

Sagittarius topped 3 in the criminal lists, but most of them are con artist, robbers and thieves, and 1 interesting thing is Sagittarius criminal in most cases, don't hurt their victims.

10. Cancer
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.1 number victims / killer

Most of Cancer is a really passionate killer. They kill multiple times and would normally leave some markings in their victim bodies. And most of the Cancer killer is normally mentally unstable.

Famous Cancer Killer :  Jodi Arias

11. Capricorn
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.07 number victims / killer

Capricorn mostly is not easily provoked into arguments, but the problem is they tend to listen to others easily. Most of Capricorn killers are proved to be contract killers, so they don't kill for themselves, but they are hired to be a killer. >.< Problem is they're not really smart in covering their tracks, making them easily being busted out.

Famous Capricorn Killer : Harold Shipman

12.  Libra
Percentage : 6% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.02 number victims / killer

Even though Libra is being listed as the least, don't you dare too look down on them. Most of Libra killer case is they normally suicide after kill their victims. So if you ever make a Libra mad, they might choose to die with you. o_O"

Famous Libra Killer : Lee Harvey Oswald

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng

translated and slightly edited from:
Xi Nu Ai Le


  1. I'm Aquarius, hmm jadi penasaran nih sama John Lee Mavo :)

    1. --> buat info na bisa diliat di sini bos~ ^^ dy ad alias nama lain juga lolz~

  2. kiraa which zodiac has most potencial to do plastic surgery :)))

    1. Hmmm... might be virgo who love beauty and might have their own ideal of beauty? lolz ^^


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