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Police Attacks Protesters in Gwanghwamun~ Polisi Menyerang Para Peserta Demo Damai di Gwanghwamun~

A lot of Korean is not quite "happy" with their current president, due to a lot of issues, the biggest one which hits the international headline might be due to the case of a sunk ferry near Jeju Island in April 2014.
The ferry sank and caused a lot of death victims, but when the victims' family request for a detailed inspection on what actually caused the ferry sank with so many victims, the government choose to keep quiet and do nothing. The civilians suspect that there's a 'foul play' in this accident, which cause the rescue team to be late for the rescue and resulted in so many victims died during the accident.
For your information, you can still find them doing the protest near Cheonggyecheon Stream, but of course it's a peace demonstration, which has been reported to the police before hand.
Not enough with the craziness of the ferry tragedy, the president who is to be said a good friend of Japan Prime Minister, tried to brain wash the younger generation by changing the contents of the history book. And of course there's also a little bit problem with labor law here and there as well.
So, some people gathered, tried to do some peaceful demonstration. The news didn't mention whether this is a reported protest or not (p.s. you have to report to police and get an agreement before you do a public protest in Korea), but looking from the picture taken on the protest day, it was mean to be a PEACEFUL protest which can end peacefully without any incidents happened.
credit : Mingjung Eui Sori,
The protest has happened for few days, but on the 14th, there's a barricade of police cars and bus around Gwanghwamun, which tried to barricade the protesters to gather in the place where they're supposed to gather. They tried to go over peacefully, when the police starts to shoot the protesters with water cannon which has been mixed with tear gas.

And during this incident, there's 1 man, 69-year-old, who was being shot right through his face, which caused him to immediately fall down and loss consciousness.
This 69-year-old man, was being rescued out of the water cannon by the surrounding people and being sent to Seoul University Hospital to have a brain surgery. T-T
Didn't a government exist to protect their citizens? What will the world say of the government who attack their own citizens when they try to voice out their mind PEACEFULLY? Does "that someone" try to be a dictator like her dad?

@credit: pictures is not of my own, but was taken from naver search~ ^^


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