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[Review] Wonderful Nightmare~ Film Keluarga oleh Uhm Jung Hwa dan Song Seung Hoon~

Miss Wife / Wonderful Nightmare - credit Google
Yesterday I watched this Korean movie which just popped out in some online streaming website. The Korean titled literally read Miss Wife, while the English title of the movie is Wonderful Nightmare. This movie tells a story about a success orphan girl who was being left by her parents at young age. Grow up to be a successful but merciless lawyer who will do anything for money.

One day, as she drives home, she get into an accident and transferred into 'heaven', where the angel there find out that she was mistakenly being taken to heaven. So, the director of the 'heaven' try to negotiate with her, by sending her back to earth, living someone else life for one month, before she can get back to her own body. Sounds non sense? Yes it is non sense. But, the movie story turned out not to be non sense movie though.
Uhm Jung Hwa is negotiating with Director of "Heaven" lolz

It's a light, warm and heart touching family movie, where definitely will touch the heart of everyone who watch this movie. Though the ending and some the twist and plot is predictable, this movie still not a bad choice for you to spend some of your free time to watch.

I love the scene where Song Seung Hoon fighting with his wife and pretend to act cool by saying that he'd like to file a divorce, but when Uhm Jung Hwa trying to get the divorce paper from his hand, he doesn't want to let go, which they portrayed in a funny way. ^^
Fighting for the divorce paper
Song Seung Hoon portrays a very loving husband, who although didn't say much but can be seen that he loves his wife so much. Like beating up a supervisor who bad mouthing his wife, try to understand his wife ridiculous behavior without knowing that it was not his 'real' wife but Uhm Jung Hwa who's living as his wife for a brief moment. Even after she get into a trouble after using someone else credit card to buy expensive stuff for herself, which gets her to the police station. Song Seun Hoon still choose to stand by her and only pat her head and look relieved once the problem solved.
This is what melted Uhm Jung Hwa's heart, who at first cannot accept the reality of why someone as success as her has to life someone else's life, and some more as a very unattractive Ahjummas who only know how to take care of her family. She started to show affection towards her 'new' family member, and eventually blend in very well.

Not to mention, she has a 'pretty' but rude daughter who at first keep fighting with her but with Uhm Jung Hwa's effort, the relation is getting better and better. Finally they even reconcile after Uhm Jung Hwa stand beside her after some bad things happen to her daughter.
And there's also this sweet little boy, who after seeing his mom behaving weird trying to ask around what he can do to help his mom, and one of his friend said that his mom had a menopause. The cute kid thought menopause is some kind of sickness, and go to the pharmacy to ask for the medicine, and the pharmacist give him a vitamin instead.
And then, keep saving his own pocket money to buy his mom one vitamin each day. So sweetttttt right...??? T-T
But then it's time to say goodbye. T-T One month passed, and Uhm Jung Hwa has to return to her old body, while the girl body she's been living off has to be sent back to heaven, meaning 'DIES'.
After her own teary goodbye, since no one knows that the girl is going to die other than Uhm Jung Hwa, the scene quickly jumped into the hospital scene where the real Uhm Jung Hwa was finally being awaken from her comatose condition. She jumped out of the bed, try to find 'her' family, but they're not living in the address she knew even after she went to her children school, she couldn't find any trace of her. And, finally she accepted as if it's just a dream, where she got to learn something about life.

Instead of being a heartless person as before, she turns into a better person and plan to moving out of her place and went to New Zealand for a vacation. And when she's tidying up her old album, she found a photo which surprised her. The director of 'Heaven' is actually her Dad~!!! (which of course I've been suspecting the same thing since the very beginning of the movie, since this movie is cliche and predictable like what I've said)
Overall, it's one of a good movie I watched I must say. A really warm touching family story without a too heavy twist and of course a happy ending which I like the most, since she got to meet 'her' family again on the plane to New Zealand. =) The story is predictable but meaningful, and make your eyes go teary at some point as well. =) Anyway, I've enjoyed it very much. ^^

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  1. I just loved this movie!!!! :) Huge fan of Uhm Jung-hwa. I do not understand Korean, so made do with the english subtitles.
    I have one doubt though - int he end, if her ex-family does not recognize her; then is there a scope for them to get together? How is this a happy ending? Can you please explain - coz I hope I have not missed something (because of the poor quality of subtitles)


    1. It's just that since they start to sit on the same air plane and get to start a little chat, I just assumed that they will be happy together again. Lolz. It's just my assumptions =D


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