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Sillim - North Korean Style Fried Fish ?

This food is called "짝태" (Jjaktae). But what is a Jjaktae? It's my first time seeing this word as well, and when you tried to search it in naver dictionary, nothing comes out. lolz~ But once you get into this place, then you'll see an explanation of what is a Jjaktae is being written and hanged up on the wall. The place is small, they only have like around 5 tables inside, and the customer keep coming and go.
Jjaktae is a dish name which they copied from North Korea's Hamgyeong-do area, a signature dish from the area which is also known as Jjeondeuki. Jjaktae basically is a dish where you cut the pollack's stomach and take out every organs inside then made cooked it into 3 types of pollack which is dried pollack, grilled dried pollack and salted pollack and then left it half dried.
The boss here is super friendly as well, and generous. First thing out is this snack~~ It tastes plain....
But if we ate it with this type of sauces... then it taste spicy and salty lolz~
The sauce above is actually used to eat together with the dried pollack. The left one is mayonnaise and some Ganjang Sauce (Korean Soy Sauce) with chili cuts, which taste spicy salty and sweet at the same time. While the right one is a hot sauce.
So this is the three types of pollack. I don't dare to eat the head part and the bottom part is not my style as well. But the middle one, which I think a grilled dried pollack taste really good~ The skin taste a little bit crispy, but the meat was super soft. It was as soft as cotton candy. >.<
And last but not least~~~ is this ramyeon which taste good but not worth the price. I ordered this ramyeon because it says it's an octopus ramyeon. But I don't see any octopus inside, well there's is a little bit in the bottom of the pot, but.... it just taste like any other ramyeon I can buy in the market, which only costs me KRW 900 but this bowl of ramyeon costs me KRW 5,000. T-T But since the pollack taste super good and delicious, I'll just let it go. lolz

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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    1. the one I went for is located in Sillim, which location is not being registered in naver~ though they have the main store at near Yeomchang Station, and here's the address :
      Seoul-si, Yangcheon-gu, Mokdong 530-17 and the phone number of the store is 02-2061-5521~

  2. Replies
    1. lolz the one I eat is the first one which cost KRW 12,000 called "Jjaktae" this is the north korean style fried fish~~ that is the only which taste special here~ lolz =D


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