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How to take care of your swelling after surgery? Cara ampuh menurunkan bengkak setelah operasi plastik~

After your plastic surgery procedure, the next thing might feel like hell for you, which is where you will have to wait for the swelling to goes down completely.

Completely different from normal swelling and bruises, plastic surgery's swelling and bruises is caused by the damaged soft tissue during surgeries. The damage of the soft tissue during surgeries can get into the corium skin layer, which therefore causes the swelling and bruising of plastic surgery might need some more time to heal and has to be taken care of quite carefully after the surgery. =)

Swelling and bruises after plastic surgery procedures can be divided into 2 which refer to major swelling, the swelling during the first week after the surgery, and minor swelling which can goes up to at least 1 month after the surgery. Some people's minor swelling can even get up to 3~6 months, and even for 6~12 months for bone or facial contouring surgery.

Through this article, I would like to share on how to take care of your post surgery swellings and bruises in the most simplest way, so simple that you can do it by yourself at home. ^^

Should we start now, shouldn't we? =D

1. Move around A LOT / do some simple exercises
The most important thing to get a faster recovery is to have a good blood circulation, which will help your bruises and swelling to subside faster. So, instead of staying at home and laying on your bed the whole day, going out for a window shopping will do you more good.

Or, if you're too shy to go out and see people yet, then you can consider some simple exercise in your home. Please note that we say "simple" exercise. Heavy exercises like areobic, gym, etc should be avoided for at least 3~4 weeks after the surgery.

 2. Place your pillow higher than usual position

Next would be your sleeping position. The best way to sleep for the first few weeks after your surgery is to place your pillow slightly higher so that your upper body would place slightly higher than your lower body.

Reason is? Still for the same purposes as number 1, so that you'll have a better blood circulation which will lead you to have a faster recovery and shorter period time for the swelling and bruises to subside.

Believe it or not, but this step really helps a lot for the major swelling. Patients who use higher pillow to sleep in the first few days will have lesser swelling and bruises compare to those who don't.

3. Ice Pack / Warm Pack

After surgery, normally you will be given a pink colored pack which look like eyeglasses shape, this pack can be used both for ice pack and warm pack.
Put it inside your refrigerator and left it there for some time, once it becomes cool, take it out and apply it around the surgery area for 10~15 minutes.

While for warm pack, you can put it inside microwave for few seconds, or put it inside hot water for 5~10 minutes, once it gets warm, apply it around your surgery area. It is highly recommended to test the warm level of the pack using your bare hand before putting it in your surgery area. Since your surgery area might feel numb due to the swelling, you might won't feel hot when applying the hot pack but then get burnt without knowing it.

4. Yellow Pumpkin Juice / Porridge

Pumpkin Juice doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy  the pumpkin juice pocket which is being sold in the pharmacy nearby, especially pharmacy located in Apgujeong Station area, which is the main street for plastic surgery clinics.

You can eat anything which is made out of yellow pumpkin, e.g., yellow pumpkin porridge which can either be a handmade if you're good with cooking, or you can order it from the porridge restaurant. Or you can also just chomped out the whole steamed yellow pumpkin. =D

So are you ready for your surgery trip now?

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng


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