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Rhinoplasty by Korean Doctor~ Operasi Hidung bersama Dokter Korea~

Have you ever wonder how Korean Doctor performed a Rhinoplasty? Since I worked in a hospital, I got plenty of chances to see this kind of thing~ =D My posting today will full of short clip on how a Korean Doctor perform a rhinoplasty, I make sure that the short clip is bloodless but still if you don't feel like seeing the short clips, then you gotta stop here~!
Penasaran sama cara kerja dokter korea? Karena aku bekerja di rumah sakit Korea, aku memiliki banyak kesempatan buat melihat hal-hal seperti ini~ =D Postingan saya hari ini akan penuh dengan video singkat seorang dokter korea yang sedang melakukan operasi hidung, aku hanya menaruh video singkat yang tidak memiliki gambar berdarah sedikit pun, jadi tidak perlu takut untuk terus lanjut membaca~!
If you have a rhinoplasty before and this is your revision surgery, then one thing for sure, your doctor will first take out your old implants out of your nose. In the first clip below, you can see the white color on your left hand si…

Spending Chinese New Year in Indonesia~ Imlek di Indonesia~

I went back to my home country 3 weeks ago and it has been a fun vacation with of course a hectic schedule. I went back on 3rd February but was busy with this and that before I can finally feel it was a vacation on the night before the Chinese New Year where we normally had a family gathering for dinner. Just like usual, we have a steamboat party with lots of side dish like bamboo stem, pig intestine, fish maw, sea cucumber, and many more~ Too bad that we don't get to eat our mom homemade dumplings, since it really the most delicious dumpling I've ever eaten~ lolz~ I think it will sold out really good if only our mom have her own dumpling house =D Though we don't have our homemade dumplings, our dad make a seafood ball made out of shrimp and fish. =D After finishing our dinner, we were playing upstairs while waiting for midnight to pray. Introducing you to our youngest sister who enjoy drawing manga art in her free time~~ She also own an account in Instagram where you get…

[Korean Movie] The Violent Prosecutor, 2016

I planned to watch this movie on its premiere but since I've to leave for Indonesia on the same day, I didn't get to watch it until last week. LOLZ~! This movie is starred by my bias, Kang Dong Won and Hwang Jung Min, whose almost every movies get into the box office list. It's a crime-comedy movie, which is not boring to watch, instead they packed this 2 hour something movie into a whole interesting, funny yet exciting to watch. Hwang Jung Min played as a prosecutor who is being framed by his superior as he refused to follow his superior's order to look over a construction case. He then was being jailed for 15 years. At first it's kind of hard to adapt with life in prison, but after helping several officers with law problems, he lives a quite comfortable life afterwards.
5 years later, Kang Dong Won, a con artist, is being captured and eventually meet Hwang Jung Min in prison. Eventually Hwang Jung Min helps Kang Dong Won to get away out of the jail while Kang Do…

LUNA Essence Stick Foundation

I am not the type to put on heavy make up on myself. Therefore, the most important thing when I choose a foundation or BB Cream would be a product which do good in coverage meanwhile giving off a super duper natural look on your skin. Last year, I made a posting on my favorite BB cream foundation which is BB Lunch Box by Too Cool For School. But, earlier this year, I changed my favorite to the product below...!
Aku bukan tipe yang senang menggunakan make up tebal, sehingga dalam memilih BB Cream atau foundation, aku selalu mengutamakan segala sesuatu yang memiliki coverage bagus tetapi sekaligus memberikan hasil yang super natural di kulitku. Tahun lalu, aku tergila-gila dalam menggunakan BB Cream Foundation keluaran Too Cool For School dengan alasan yang sama (aku uda ngabisin botol ke 3, dan sekarang jalan ke 4). Tetapi di awal taon ini, aku menemukan produk favorit baruku...! Never heard of this product? I never heard of it as well, the first time I saw this was because I was doing…

Chinese Food in Korea~ Makanan Cina di Korea~

There are several Chinese Restaurants in Korea, but there's only a few of them which slightly taste similar to the real Chinese Food. I must say that Indonesia's Chinese Restaurant did a better job rather than Chinese Restaurant here. And one of them located in my neighborhood, which is a place called Waeraehyang~
Ada banyak restoran yang menjual Makanan Cina di Korea, namun hanya ada beberapa di antara mereka yang bisa menjual Makanan Cina dengan rasa yang menurut aku hampir menyamai dengan apa yang di jual di Cina daratan. Dan satu hal yang kurasakan adalah Rumah Makan Makanan Cina di Indonesia jauh lebih enak dibanding Makanan Cina di sini. Dan salah satu restoran Cina yang memiliki cita rasa yang lumayan terletak di deket perumahanku, di sebuah rumah makan bernama Waeraehyang~
Aside from the good taste of the Chinese Food served here, one of the other thing I like about this place is this simple poem or short essay maybe (?) which is written on the paper they put above the…

Jeju Style Pork Meat Noodle~

There's not much of this kind of food in Seoul, or it might be just me who never pay attention. But this is definitely my favorite type of food. Noodle soup with pork meat~ Can you imagine how good the smell and taste will be? Yummy~!

Makanan seperti di bawah ini gak banyak bisa ditemukan di Seoul, atau well bisa jadi aku yang engga pernah menaruh perhatian. Tetapi makanan jenis seperti ini adalah tipe makanan kesukaan eke banget~! Mie kuah dengan babi~ Bisa membayangkan betapa nikmat dan wanginya makanan yang satu ini?

I was planning to have grilled beef as my dinner when I walk passed the Seoul National University exit no. 4 where they put a big poster on "NEW RESTAURANT" and the way they describe how they made their noodles base is too mouth watering therefore I decided to have a taste.

Awalnya aku berencana buat memakan daging sapi panggang, tetapi ketika aku melewati Stasiun Seoul National University pintu keluar no. 4, aku melihat rumah makan ini memasang poster besa…

Horse Oil Mask~ Masker Kuda~

It's been quite sometime since I've updated my blog~! LOLZ~ I was away for Chinese New Year vacation, so I've been busy enjoying my time for almost 2 weeks~ I still feel lazy, and can't wait to enjoy my next vacation, which I don't know when.
Kekeke uda lama sekali engga update blog~! Karena sejak 2 minggu lalu, aku balik ke kampung halaman tercinta, yakni Indonesia, buat ngerayain Chinese New Year, berpuas-puas diri buat menikmati waktu luang selama hampir 2 minggu~ Aku masih merasa malas dan engga sabar buat nunggu liburan berikutnya, yang masih belum jelas kapan.

I've been trying this mask since the end of last time and I must say that this horse oil mask is superb, even better than the aquaringer mask sheet which I've been using for quite sometimes. This horse oil mask is being produced by the same company with the aquaringer mask which is 'mediheal'. Or should I just say that this mediheal company did a really good stuff in producing face sheet…

Pocheon Art Valley~ Jalan-Jalan Korea~

You might haven't heard about Pocheon right? When you come to Korea, all we know is Sorak Mountain, Nami Island, but little we know that there's actually this place which is also a definite good destination for you who wish to have a quiet vacation.
Mungkin tidak banyak di antara kalian yang pernah mendengar tentang Pocheon kan? Ketika kamu datang ke Korea, yang kebanyakan kita ketahui tentang wisata luar Seoul mungkin adalah Sorak Mountain, Nami Island, dsb, namun tidak banyak di antara kita yang mengetahui kalau sebenernya Pocheon juga merupakan salah satu tempat nyaman buat dijadikan sebagai tujuan wisata. After taking bus no. 72 for like almost 2 hours we finally arrive at "Sinbokmyeon Samuso" bus stop, where we get off and will have to walk through some small alleys for around 15 minutes. This might be one of the reason why this place is not really popular among foreigner.
Setelah naik bus no. 72 selama sekitar 2 jam, kami akhirnya tiba di halte bus "Sinbokm…