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Bali The Mulia, Mulia Resort & The Villa~

Thanks to someone, I got a chance to try out this wonderful resort in Bali by Mulia Group which been categorized into one of the top hotels and resort in the world. XD I stayed one night in Mulia Resort and other 2 nights in The Mulia. I arrived late on the first night but was absolutely amused by the friendliness of the staffs in the reception as well as the bellboy who show me the way to my room. It's like 2 30 a.m. in the dawn (?) but once I saw my room it was like WOW! because it's super comfortable. =D

After taking a super fast shower, it's finally past 3 a.m., so once I jumped onto the bed. I fall asleep within few seconds. >.< The breakfast you can enjoy in Mulia Resort is a buffet style where you get to eat various type of sashimi, asian food, curry, etc. The next day, I moved to the Mulia which is a grade higher than Bali Mulia Resort. =) The layout of the room is quite the same, it just that the size of the room is larger and it's more quiet, since the…

Yangpyeong Travel The Greem Cafe

It's been like 2 weeks since I went to this place. But, I didn't get time to post it until today. >.< It's not like I'm very busy, but it's just feel like I've so little time but so many things to do m.m" Well, anyway, going back to the topic... I've get to know this cafe through naver, it seems like this place is quite popular during spring. And, not only it is full of customer, we found out that this place is quite a famous site for drama, CF and movie shooting. o_O" If you're a Korean Drama fan then you might be familiar with this place as this place has been featured in Nice Guy (Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won), Rooftop Prince (Micky Yoo Cheon and Han Ji Min) and many more... I started my day with Starbucks' Cherry Blossom White Chocolate, while waiting for my friend to meet me up at the nearest exit, since I woke up early and reach quite early than the appointment time. So I decided to enjoy my early morning time before headed…

Yangpyeong's 5 Chef Restaurant~

I went to Yangpyeong this Friday <3 <3 <3 and feel super hungry, so we decided to stop by at the nearest restaurant before we went to our destination. After searching for some information on any nice restaurant around, we found this "5 Chef Restaurant" (read : O Chef Restaurant) located just across the Yangpyeong Station exit no. 1. =D The interior is quite cozy, where you can have a private comfortable sofa seat, or a comfy window seat. This kind of place might be full of customer if the restaurant located in Seoul, but too bad that this restaurant located in Yangpyeong. And I bet, me and my HK friend might be their first customer of the day which come by for lunch, since there's no one when we get inside the restaurant. We choose to sit somewhere near the salad bar and counter, so that we can easily be spotted just in case we need everything. Next the self service bar, there is a salad bar (read : all you can eat bar) right next to it. BUT, beware that this s…