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Gyeongju Travel (1) : Anapji & Kyochon Village

I went to visit Gyeongju for traveling by the end of last month. I've always wanted to visit Gyeongju since this place still has lots of ancient treasure which is being left behind by the Silla Dynasty. I reached this place around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, so before going to the tourist attraction places, I went to the nearest downtown to see what kind of downtown do Gyeongju has!
I intentionally didn't eat any lunch so that we can try out Gyeongju's specials but I regretted my decision as soon as my stomach feel hungry. Gyeongju is definitely not a place for those who love culinary travel since there's not much nice food you can try in this area. After sometimes, I finally decided to try out one of the specialty (it's not exactly gyeongju's specialty but Busan's) food they have here which is Milmyeon.
Then I went to Anapji, the nearest tourist attraction around my hotel, since it's getting late so it's a better idea to choose somewhere close rather …

Happy Chappy Semiyak Bali~

Still rambling on a late post on my last vacation to Bali~ ^^ One of the restaurant I got to try around is a restaurant owned by Happy Salma's husband which is known as Happy Chappy, located in the center of Seminyak area. The decoration was super unique, and it makes you feel like having a meal in a high class restaurant in a ancient China period. =)  As soon as we get into the restaurant, there is this Buddha statue, which symbolize happiness and prosperity, welcoming us. And the rest of the restaurant decoration is super oriental.
And they have a separated Bar corner in the end side of the restaurant which has a slightly longer business hour time compare to the restaurant. Restaurant closed at around 11~11 30 pm, while the Bar section closed at around 1 ~ 2 am. In this restaurant which gives off oriental vibe, of course they would sell Chinese dishes. The first thing to order is the very basic kind but delicious dimsum menu, which is Siomay and Hakaw. I never been able to have…

Jamie Oliver Bali

Just in case you don't know who Jamie Oliver is, he is British celebrity chef who owns restaurants here and there, and one of them located in the paradise island of Indonesia, Bali. During my first visit to Bali few months back, I get a chance to eat in this famous chef's restaurant.

There few types of seats where you can choose to sit here. If you're okay with the hot weather of Bali and would love to enjoy the sun along with the mosquitoes then you might prefer to have an outdoor seats, there's a little bar seat on the first floor and you can have a normal table seat on the second floor. And since there's 5 of us, sitting on the second floor will be more convenient for us to have a little chat while enjoying the meal. The price of the menus here is quite reasonable. And there's a kid menu as well, if you would like to order something for your little kid to eat, and the cutest part would be there's this badge where your kid can have if he / she is eating …

Fire Restaurant at W Hotel Bali~

Biarpun saya orang Indonesia, saya belum pernah sekali pun menginjakkan kaki saya di Bali, padahal kata orang-orang di sekitarku Bali merupakan salah satu surga buat pecinta wisata kuliner. Tetapi di bulan lalu, setelah berhenti dari pekerjaan lamaku, akhirnya saya mendapatkan kesempatan juga buat wisata kuliner di Bali. ^^ Salah satu tempat makan yang kukunjungi adalah restoran bernama Fire yang terletak di W Hotel Bali. Tempat makan yang menjual berbagai jenis makanan fusion ala Barat ini ditata sedemikian rupa dengan nuansa hitam-merah, dan terletak menghadap ke arah kolam renang W Hotel yang juga langsung nyambung ke daerah pantai, membuat kita bisa menikmati makanan enak sambil menikmati pemandangan indah di balik meja tanpa harus terjemur matahari. LOLZ
Karena saya datang di jam nanggung, sekitar jam setengah 3 sore, restoran ini engga banyak dipenuhi pengunjung, jadi kita bisa duduk santai sambil memperhatikan kolam renang yang super ramai dan dipenuhi oleh turis dari berbagai…