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Gyeongju Travel (2) : Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram, Crab Tofu Soup

If you wish to visit Bulguksa Temple during your stay in Gyeongju, then make sure you plan to go to Seokguram on the same day as well. Reason is, the only way to go to Seokguram is by using a shuttle bus (of course it's not free and quite costly) from the Bulguksa Temple's main gate. There's a certain time schedule, so make sure you check on the bus leaving and arrival time so you can plan your time well.

Since I'm hurrying for the earlier bus time, I arrived at Bulguksa Temple slightly before lunch time and had a simple lunch around the Temple. I had Ddeok Galbi (Korean Style Hamburg Steak?) at a restaurant located right across the temple.

Then you'll get to walk through some flower fields before you arrive at the ticketing gate of Bulguksa Temple.

Bulguksa temple was originally built in 528 during Silla dynasty, and has been rebuilt for several times after that. The original name of this temple is Beopryusa Temple, and it's not until 774 that its name is bein…