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AMKC Atelier Es Teler Cake~!

One of the most happening local restaurant recently, which is owned by pair of husband and wife, Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta. And this is not their first success restaurant, they also owned and managed Union in Senayan area, which previously super famous for their red velvet cake.
Adhika Maxi, cooked at celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey restaurant in New York before, while his wife is super good at baking cake, which lead her to invent Red Velvet cake at Union, then Es Teler Cake, which is one of the "it" item and "must eat" item in Jakarta right now.
I happened to try out various menu in this restaurant by several times visit with different friends. I ate quite a few of their menu and found that every menu has their own uniqueness and I must say that out of the menus I ate, I haven't found anything which is not into my style. LOLZ!
I tried Aglio Olio on my first visit, but didn't remember to take the photo because I was too hungry and too devastated in tryi…