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Brutal Attack in Busan, South Korea!!

Sometimes ago, South Korea has been viral for the brutal attack which happened in Busan. The victim is 14 year old, while the attackers are around the same age, and the youngest is said to be a 13-year old female student o_O". WOW!
They beat her up with soju bottles, chair, and some blunt objects and they even take a picture of her after getting beaten up and the attackers send the picture to their friends and bragged about it. The attacker's action is being captured by the CCTV in the area though.
Meanwhile, after taking her daughter to the hospital, the victim's mom decided to take a picture and put it online through a facebook post to gain attention of a lot of people. Because this was actually the second attack, and when they report for the first attack, the Busan police just brushed them off and didn't even give any response. Therefore, this time the victim's mom take the matter on her own hand and decided to gain netizen's attention in order to get justice for her daughter. Below are the pictures of the attackers which leaked online :
As this incident, and the victim's mother's post has gained lots of netizen's attraction, the people of South Korea start to consider on whether they should take out the law which protects the underage villains. Since the punishment of the victim's attacker is super disappointing, which is 2 hour of social work. WHAT?!
Since this incident is being widely known and discussed even in online forum, there is an anonymous writer who give an explanation which makes us to rethink again about the incident. Was it really the attacker's fault and the victim wasn't to blame at all?

It is said that the area where the incident happened is the area which is well known for a very complicated and unsafe neighborhood. Everyone who lives in Busan knows this area very well and every good living people will try to avoid this neighborhood as far as possible, because there are only plenty of drop outs, soon to be dropped out and delinquents who will wander around this area. Meaning, a gang fight, attack incidents like this happens everyday in this area, which makes the police don't even want to bother anymore.

If the victim is being attacked twice in the same neighborhood, meaning that the victim frequents the neighborhood as well, making her is not really that innocent at all. Remembering that good people didn't even want to get near to this neighborhood. Then seeing on how she get dressed on the day she get beaten up, it seems like the victim is not some proper female student, and just another delinquents who wanders around the area, get picked on and being attacked.

In this situation should we still pity the victims?


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